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Forest Bathing Experiences

'Go deep into the forest, reconnect with

nature and yourself'

As the name suggests, Forest Bathing is a truly immersive experience - but don't worry, no swimsuit is required!  To Forest Bathe means to 'bathe in the atmosphere of the forest' and is the English translation of the Japanese practice of ‘Shinrin Yoku'.  An integral part of Japanese healthcare since the 1980’s, Shinrin Yoku is prescribed to treat a wide range of physical and mental health issues. This simple yet deeply nourishing practice has been scientifically proven to be effective in lowering stress hormones, reducing blood pressure and heart rate, improving concentration and memory and is also a powerful way to boost the immune system. Today, Forest Bathing is practiced all over the world and has gained popularity in the West as a gentle yet effective antidote to our ‘always on’ culture.

During a Forest Bathing Experience you have time to immerse yourself deeply in your sensory experience of nature.  Through sensory awareness and simple mindfulness invitations, the volume of your thoughts quietens as you gently connect to the forest and its wildlife.  You will also have plenty of opportunity to sit quietly and allow yourself to simply ‘be’ with yourself and nature, a rarity in our fast-paced lives. I conclude these events with a traditional Forest Bathing Tea Ceremony of herbal or foraged teas and healthy snacks giving you a chance to share your experience with others in the group should you want to. Every Forest Bathing Experience is unique but many people report a deep sense of ease afterwards often leading to feelings inner peace, joy and gratitude.

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