A message from Anna
- supporter on the Mindfulness for Health Course...


I began my career in therapeutic movement as a Pilates teacher 16 years ago (because we teach what we need).  I had become progressively disconnected from my body for many reasons both emotional and physical – mental health issues, anxiety, injury, hypermobility;

It helped a lot and gave me a good foundation, but I became aware that there was an element of papering over the cracks. Despite modifying Pilates in numerous ways and drawing on many other strings, for some of my clients we were hitting a brick wall.

Then 5 years ago I stumbled across Thomas Hanna Somatics, (which I’d never heard of and thought sounded very scientific and boring,) everything changed. Somatics is a scientifically sound and wonderfully accessible functional mindful movement technique that focuses on truly listening to the whole body with compassion and patience then reacting accordingly, enabling a gradual unwinding and discharging of the holding and fear, slowly coaxing soft tissues back to life and health. It’s like giving yourself a volume control button for overwhelming emotions.


The most important thing I have learned along the way is that the body has innate wisdom, it wants to heal and work well for us, we need to enable it to do so, building a bridge between mind and body is a great place to start. 

Having listened to Vidyalamas’s story, read her book and used some of the Breathworks Mindfulness techniques, I have complete belief and confidence in the Breathworks course, all the more so due to Kate’s nurturing delivery. I have known Kate for several years and we are very much singing from the same song sheet. Our work complements one another perfectly so I am excited to be assisting her on this course to support you and participate in what I am sure will be an enriching and life enhancing experience on so many levels.

Anna Dagnall

Therapeutic Movement Coach and Mindfulness for Health Supporter